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Uncertainty in the Nomadic Lifestyle

So.... I haven't been posting as much as I should because I have been doing my best to get ready for this amazing journey I am about to take.

I sold my car,

I sold everything else,

and I no longer am renting a house.

For the next few weeks I (Nic) am going to be bouncing between AirBNB's and surfing couches until I find myself on the Trail. It's a strange experience, not having anywhere to be. It's not especially calming to know that all of your stuff is in storage and the bed you are sleeping on this week, will most certainly not be the one you stay on next week.

It's exciting. If you can't be calm, be excited. That's what I'm going to take from this. So I am excited for work this week, I am excited for my procedure next week, and am super excited to start my cross country adventure followed by a through hike.

(my procedure)

So, nothing to worry about. I am having a stent removed that was put in place for my kidneys to function normally while passing a kidney stone. If you have never had a kidney stone, they suck. They suck so bad... The stent was no picnic either but... no but, they just suck.

Anyway, On to bigger and more exciting things.

Coming Up:

March 2019: Moving my remaining belongings east, visit with family in Tennessee.

April 2019: Gear up and get ready to step out on the Long Walk.

May: Hiking Hopefully

June-September: Also Still Hiking (probably)

Remember, it's exciting. :D

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