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This ONE product will change your life!

This miracle device will change everything about you but before I tell you what it is, I have some unfortunate truths for you.

1) If you clicked here to buy something that will improve your life, your finances, your relationship, or any other aspect of your existence, I'm sorry it doesn't exist.

2) there is no two.

We are all the products of our own decisions. If you are thinking, "hey, I could use a cure all for my worldly woes!" Then you need to take a deep inward look. Those things that you don't like about your life?

What decisions have you made to get where you are?

Do you overspend? Overeat? Over anything? Do you spend too much time caring for other people and let yourself wither? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with a particular lifestyle that requires buying new gear every few months?

These aren't inherently bad, but they are all conscious choices.

If you want to change, you have to make changes.

*Ahem* YOU have to MAKE changes.

There is nothing on the internet that you can buy that will make you better at anything. (Except maybe books, but you still have to study to make them work)

The magic cure all is the voice inside of you that says, "I'm going to try something different because what I have been trying doesn't seem to work. I am smart enough to know that doing the same thing over and over with the same poor result is not only crazy, it's frustrating."

If you are still waiting for me to suggest an item to buy, because your tenacity outweighs your common sense:

Get a kilt, it may not change your life completely, but more people will ask about your underwear.

Seriously though, don't fall for the internet cure alls, they don't work.

This rant brought to you by a random article on Facebook promising me a better life.

Be well everyone, make decisions, accomplish your dreams, be fulfilled.

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