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My Resignation Letter

It is with the utmost jubilation that I submit my resignation to this grand society held in such high esteem.

I have been a member, for a short thirty three years, packaged and groomed for a position of normalcy and success within the boundaries of someone else's standards and expectations. My complaints are many but crest at the nature in which other members treat one another with disrespect and disdain, should they make an attempt at correcting a wrong or improving their personal situation.

So, having experienced a new societal norm, I plan to remove myself from this current situation in favor of a better one. For although it may work for some to live and die in the shadow of traditions, and poorly executed generational debts, I cannot.

I instead go to the mountains and the streams. Away from the nine to five, the credit card, and the bank. I move to bartering and handshakes. I, instead, keep to my feet, moving far from the traditions of a house, understanding that safety provided by brick and mortar are glorious illusions but are just that. I, instead, move to chase experiences. Knowing that material possessions gained will inevitably be lost, that giving has more value than receiving. That want and necessity are far from one another, I wish to delineate from the wanting for the latter.

I announce my resignation from wanting to be like everyone else, to living a life of imitation, and attempting to be accepted. I go now to find who I am and what I will become. Unashamedly, uninhibited. I will wander.


It's a weird world that we currently live in. I have worked all kinds of "normal jobs" and a few not so normal ones. I have lived in houses, condos, RVs, and tents. I have gained and lost fortunes. Gained and lost relationships. I have gained and lost, in general.

I think the goal for these upcoming hiking trips that I plan to take will be to research new (or old) methods of survival outside of the new constructed "modern society" that we all seem to be struggling to live within. I don't have all the answers, so, I'm going to go look for some of them.

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