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How to Heal, Through Walking Really Far

*Standing in front of a crowd of strangers*

"Hi Everyone, I'm Nic, and I'm a backpacker."

"Hi Nic"

Why do we go backpacking? What masochistic, self-deprecating psychopath thinks to themselves, "you know what? I want to carry 40-70 pounds, walk 2000 miles, and then... well, do it again."

I mean, it's not wrong...

Everyone has their own reasons to go. To be Healthy. To get away from the Daily Grind. To reconnect with Nature. I'm going out to heal. "Getting healthy and having a body that is healthy is great, but until you fix the shit going on in your head, you aren't healthy."

I have had a rough year, last year. I went through financial trouble, a divorce, and basically losing my identity. Most would call it a crisis. I called it an enlightening moment. I wasn't doing what I loved, I lived beyond my means, and I was struggling to find happiness in my life. (I have a whole other blog that dives into this, so I won't go too depressing here) I needed a change, and luckily, life decided to do it for me.

So I am walking the PCT to heal, mentally. To rediscover who I am. You see, I remember being happy doing long hikes in my youth. Disconnecting from the insanity that is normal life, unplugging from the constant flow of information from the internet and the idiot boxes, and just getting back to the primal baseline that all people should experience at least once in their life. This is why I go. (Though I may also be a masochist)

So how long does it take to heal while hiking?

Add one step in front of the other, repeat as necessary until desired effect has occurred. -Doc

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