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GEAR! and FOOD! and GEAR!

Hey Wanderers!

So the topic of the day is... stuff.

Backpacking stuff and stuff in general. So let's start with the fun things.... mountain stuff!

What do I take when I go hiking/backpacking/camping/etc? The short answer is, it depends.

I will, of course, be publishing my complete gear list for the PCT coming up after I do a video for what I will be taking.

For hiking, I usually take the minimal based on the trail:

A bag (backpack or sports sack)

Water (between 1-2L based on distance)

Food (to include at least 1 meal and a snack)

Rain layer (even in Southern California where it doesn't rain)

My Kilt

My socks and shoes

Sandals (in my bag)

and a camera (whether a point and shoot or video)

Sequoia January 2017

When I go Camping (What I call Dump camping, when you just drive up and dump out a tent and chairs)

in addition to what I take hiking... I take:

A Tent (2-8 person tent based on who is going)

Food for days (even for a one-nighter)

Chairs (Usually Outdoor Research or Coleman Chairs)

Firewood or Portable stove (Kerosene or Propane)


Sleeping Bags

Basically all the conveniences of home, just outside... (This is not my ideal camping situation btw)

As far as stuff in general:

I have spent the last few months selling everything... and I mean everything from my house in Los Angeles. I'm selling my car, my furniture, all of my collections, my cameras and lighting setups... I am basically liquidating everything down to the absolute essentials. If you have never had to do this before... it's a strange process. Selling all of your "sentimental collectibles" for far less than they are worth, to other people so they can either enjoy or profit... it's a strange feeling. On the one hand, I am happy to be minimalizing but, on the other hand, I feel like I spent too much on stuff that literally just sat on shelves, or were only used once or twice, only to be sold again... What a waste of money....

Anyway. I am minimalizing. Looking to switch out the car to either 1. Have No Car. 2. A Van I can convert. 3. an RV. or 4. Get a truck for carrying what little stuff I will have left... What would you do if you were me?

-Nic @wanderingkiltsman

Our partners at Spectra Artists are currently working on my launch video for the channel. If you have already been over to the Youtube channel you will notice that the videos right now are from a documentary style project I shot from last year. They will be slowly integrated to my other channel as #theLongWalk starts filling up the channel and our viewership goes up. So stay tuned!

Want to help out or become a sponsor? Send me an email from home page, join my patreon, or just leave me a comment on any of my social media pages, this blog, or my youtube!

Thanks Wanderers for joining me in this amazing journey!

@thewanderingkiltsman on Instagram!

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