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7000 miles in a Kilt? On purpose?

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The Wandering Kiltsman on a normal day

Hey Wanderers!

Nic here, wishing all of you a happy hump day!

So yes, I am planning to hike all three of the Triple Crown through-hikes. starting this year. For those that do not know, the Triple crown includes the Pacific Crest Trail (2650 miles), the Appalachian Trail (2170 miles), and the Continental Divide Trail (3000 miles). These trails are a challenge and not everyone can/will attempt to complete even one of these, and that's okay.

We all have dreams and desires, and one of my dreams is to complete the Triple Crown. So I plan to.

"So... why the kilt?"

If you are here because of the title, here it is. I like wearing a kilt.

Now, is that the only thing I will be wearing for over 7000 miles of hiking, through multiple climates and weather conditions? Probably not. However, I will be wearing a kilt more often than not, because I enjoy the feeling, the comfort, and (let's be honest) the reactions from people who aren't accustomed to seeing a man in a kilt.

"Are you Scottish?"

Yes and no. I have a family lineage that traces back on my father's side that is predominantly Scotch and Irish. The kilt was designed for a multitude of reasons, and I invite you to research as much as you can about the history on kilts if you are interested. So, yes, I do have a historical/lineage based reason to wear one but my biggest reason is...

I don't like wearing pants.

Think about it gents (and ladies too). How often do you get home from work or spend a weekend at home, and the last thing you want to do is actually put on pants? If you are like me, spending the day in Jeans or Khakis when you are trying to relax is like wearing black-tie attire to do yard work. It doesn't make sense, it sounds uncomfortable, and I could do it, just don't want to.

I can not wait to get on the trail and if you are interested in following along, feel free to visit my youtube page, follow my instagram, or check out the website for more information.

Want to help out or become a sponsor? Send me an email from home page, join my patreon, or just leave me a comment on any of my social media pages, this blog, or my youtube!

Thanks Wanderers for joining me in this amazing journey!

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I'm not gonna lie... I do whatever I can to not wear pants. So kilt must be it!! Looking forward to this new journey!!

~J Hooligan

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